Nuove Cosmogonie Teatro & Sala Scicluna
via Martorelli, 78 - 10154 Torino (interno cortile)
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A monologue written and performed by Pino Scicluna


Co-director Katia Capato


I feel that two great man were the mainforce both during my upbringing as well as eventual maturity. These man were my father, Joseph Scicluna and my uncle, Aldo Zanini, the former being a Maltese while the latter, being my mother Ada Zanini’s brother was Italian. I consequently grew up amid this mixture of Maltese and Italian language and culture and reminiscences. To my father I dedicated a theatrical  event (I.D. Internati u Deportati)him being one of the Maltese interned and exiled by the British. This next theatrical monologue is dedicated to my Italian half and the second war.  All information is gathered from anecdotes narrated by my uncle as well as those of Beppe Fenoglio, Paolo Murialdi, and other Italians who had to face difficulties and choices of life or death in the period 1940/45

The outbreak of World War II was a consequence of the First World War, This monologue is to commemorate the centenary of the latter

The performance is an antimilitary scream of pain: war is a wasteless shedding of human blood.

Italy rejects war as an instrument of aggression against the freedom of other peoples and as a means for the settlement of international disputes.


                                                                                    Pino Scicluna

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Nuove Cosmogonie Teatro
via R. Martorelli, 78 - 10154 Torino (interno cortile)
Tel. + 39 347 4002314



It's one of the most interesting and fascinating shows I've seen recently.The three-dimensionality of the objects, the musical dramaturgy and, in general, of the sound, the search for a particular type of lighting and the effects that derive from it, contribute to make this show not a simple, and perhaps predictable, work of scientific divulgation in costume but the story of lives and extraordinary minds staged with the extraordinary and fascinating language, enchanted and at the same time precise and exact, of the theater in the variety of its forms.
Andrea Demarchi