Nuove Cosmogonie Teatro & Sala Scicluna
via Martorelli, 78 - 10154 Torino (interno cortile)
Tel. + 39 347 4002314

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L'UOMO CHE PESO' IL MONDO is an interesting and fascinating production, an idea taken from Massimo Arattano and Albertina Gatti and aided by science consultancy SaperCapire.

Written by Italian actress Katia Capato and Maltese actor Pino Scicluna who together founded NuoveCosmogonieTeatro in 2012. Their performances unite an accurate historical and scientific research to a more playful theatrical language that at times touches the poetical, dramatic and comic aspects.

"In L'uomo che pesò il mondo we explore the ideas, discoveries and conquests of, Cavendisch, Newton, Kepler and Brahe; we investigate biographical aspects and human emotions unknown to most people, sometimes made of obsessions, antagonism, and diseases of everyday life.

Human limits are surpassed by the desire of finding the truth, by the sharp and questioning look aimed to reach the most extreme boundaries of human knowledge.

This theatrical play transcends time and content, to create a " synapse " with many curious minds , hungry for knowledge that populate our social fabric , to discover and understand together that the theater can be an extraordinary place of learning ." Pino Scicluna

"Do not let it appear that I have lived in vain . " Tycho Brahe


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Nuove Cosmogonie Teatro
via R. Martorelli, 78 - 10154 Torino (interno cortile)
Tel. + 39 347 4002314



It's one of the most interesting and fascinating shows I've seen recently.The three-dimensionality of the objects, the musical dramaturgy and, in general, of the sound, the search for a particular type of lighting and the effects that derive from it, contribute to make this show not a simple, and perhaps predictable, work of scientific divulgation in costume but the story of lives and extraordinary minds staged with the extraordinary and fascinating language, enchanted and at the same time precise and exact, of the theater in the variety of its forms.
Andrea Demarchi