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Nuove Cosmogonie Teatro

NUOVE COSMOGONIE TEATRO born in 2012 as natural development of the artistic collaboration started in 2006 between the actress and director Katia Capato and the actor, director and Maltese dramaturge Joseph Scicluna (1956-2017).

The company has realized performances and shows for Italy and Malata with the support of Maltese Institutions and Italian Cultural Assosiacion (LabPerm di D. Castlado, ACTI Teatri Indipendenti, SaperCapire, Scarlattine Teatro).


Caravaggio in Bianco e Nero

Xicluna Comix Trio Band

Me Cheeta! ...And you?!

Addio del Passato

I.D Internati u Deportati

Pillole di Guerra...Calda / Gwerra, Familti...u Ommi

I Rovinati

Brindisi Cosmogonico Atto I e Atto II

L'Uomo che Pesò il Mondo


Cold Case Caravaggio

Nuove Cosmogonie Teatro’s peculiarity is the union of a careful and timely historical research and sources, the imaginative potential of theatrical language, obtaining shows rich in content but at the same time strongly evocative and poetic. An appropriate dose of irony and comedy combined with the drama and historical connotation, give the right strength to the performances making them accessible and enjoyable to the general public but remaining attractive even for a specialized audience.

The passing of JOSEPH SCICLUNA in year 2017, will determine an inevitable transformation in the style of the production to come, but it will be tenacious and unshakable for those who will remain, and will continues to love him, the perpetrate in his example the PASSION for kind of Theater and Art capable of transforming imagined works into TANGIBLE DREAMS

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Nuove Cosmogonie Teatro
via R. Martorelli, 78 - 10154 Torino (interno cortile)
Tel. + 39 347 4002314
e-mail: nuovecosmogonie@libero.it



It's one of the most interesting and fascinating shows I've seen recently.The three-dimensionality of the objects, the musical dramaturgy and, in general, of the sound, the search for a particular type of lighting and the effects that derive from it, contribute to make this show not a simple, and perhaps predictable, work of scientific divulgation in costume but the story of lives and extraordinary minds staged with the extraordinary and fascinating language, enchanted and at the same time precise and exact, of the theater in the variety of its forms.
Andrea Demarchi