by Joseph Scicluna and Katia Capato

Nuove Cosmogonie Teatro

A 400 year old unresolved case.

A box. Inside it, documents, pictures, an evidence, to discover together the identikit of a man, a painter who in life knows poverty, fame, escape, the guva. A prisoner, a wanted man who sleeps all dressed and with a knife always ready to pierce, but with a brush always quick to create. The greatest imitator of nature, a murderer, an artist, that the mysterious, implacable, fatal death takes away. But what death did he die for? His body, his bones never found, are blended with the earth.

Dig up in 1951, his works are hidden in the oblivion of the Vatican museums, to be worth as much as a resurrection. And like a Lazarus from the sepulchral shadow comes back to light with a name now difficult to erase: Michelangelo Merisi called Caravaggio.

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